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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

untitled II

Feel like writing something down out of the blue while the exam is starting real soon.

This week is actually the last week of lecture and the week after would be the SWOT week AKA study week. Just with one clip of eye, this week feels like Week 1 again; where there was no experiments, not rushing for assignments, not complaining how much time I spent in school while at the same time, my housemates were all homed and finished their dinner. Just out of no way, i guess i have gone through 11 weeks with all the troubles. Im glad of that, and i have to say, it's not easy, to be me. So used to self-personality in Malaysia where people's often claimed I'm cheerful, talkative kid. But here, I'm not, no idea why, just not talking as much.  
Anyway, found this semester ended quite fast, probably too much problems to settle by yourself which made days passed even faster. I was having sleepless nights 3 weeks before when the assignments were overloaded and I thought i have been through nth more suffered, not sure what spirits to make me keep going when things here turned nth shittier. Perhaps, encourage from someone special was the biggest support to back me up~

till then...

Friday, October 11, 2013


It has been 3 months, and I'm still surviving, with a bottle of beer beside me, i feeel so *me. I can actually drink beer (pear cider) without brother complaining to mom and mother will think that I'm actually have relationship problem. That was annoying because they drink more than me though i admit that they are more capable as in not getting drunk. But one small bottle could actually help me to sleep better. I have been having insomnia recently due to workload, and worse, i have no friends helping me to do my assignments as in discussing and paraphrasing. Doing work alone is something meant for smart asses but i'm not, so please "excuse me"!

not knowing how this world has changed in another country, i have kind of blend into ang moh's world with not having really closed asians friends(because most of them make me damn sick).
I can't really tell that i missed home nor families, i just feel good if i could get help in my assignments and everything would work fine just here.

Gossiping would become necessity, u just have no idea how suck they are, but opps, just pretend that i didn't mention it, coz who knows, people stalk  right, and it appears that this blog is public huh. But so what, i done nothing wrong.  and as if i going to private this blog because of this.

But anyway, this is just an untitled post.


Hash-tag? it just makes me difficult to read because they chuck everything. #can.you.see.my.annoyed.face.? Like hello, can u press spacebar?????!!!! -_-



这个学期,好像真的来去匆匆,慌慌张张就过了几个月了。在这片大草原上, 我们活在属于自己的世界, 都隔着了我们不知道的是是非非。 不确定是因为我们被疏远了, 还是我们根本就不在乎。那也当然, 即使我们活着了自己的世界, 也会有你与我的是非, 争执甚至讨厌, 被说是非管不了了, 说别人的, 也当然是我们-人的个性。

不知道是不是存在不同的世界, 快乐的定义也变不一样了呢?
为了得到学生优惠而快乐, 为了可以瞒天过海而快乐, 一起出去走走得快乐, 躺在草床,拍了几百张自拍而快乐。。
煮成功了美食, 而快乐。 即使煮了垃圾出来, 也硬要吃的快乐。 做了全世界最傻的很多很多事情, 而觉得笨得很快乐。

其实我都懂, 快乐的定义就是你觉得快乐就快乐。

那么, 勉强的快乐算不算快乐? 说很快乐也不一定快乐, 笑也不一定代表着快乐, 好心情, 也可以是装出来的面具。

重点是: 感受不了的快乐, 最不快乐。 (不过听歌可以舒缓心情是真的, 伤心的人别听慢歌!!)


人总会在知道自己错后而后悔(applicable to everyone), 知道错了, 没有用了, 为什么总是这样? 当初说好不后悔的, 为什么到最后理由要我自己发掘呢?机会不是没给的, 就别说你舍不得了。 我真的。。很努力 在往前走的。

Saturday, August 3, 2013

love proposal

哈喽, 我来了!不懂跟你表白一切过后, 会不会影响我的形象, 总之不管啦, 我要在这里跟你坦诚我以前对你做的一切了, *丢脸。 你应该不懂吧, 以前以前的blog 都已经有写关于到你的事情, 哈哈。 你不懂哪一个是不是? 老实说, 还蛮多的, 现在我就一个一个link给你看, 希望你看了别恨我, (因为我好像有写了一些心淡的话, 也有写了些傻话,坏话也好像有几句, 哎哟) *感觉好下水 〉〈

1. http://i00am00sylvia00.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/little-secret-shhhhhh.html
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好啦! 有8个, 看了你就恍然大悟, 原来我对你的感觉也一样吧~

理由一: 你比其他人更关心, 体谅我
理由二: 你比较爱护我, 疼我, 好东西都给我, 担心我, 让我, 呵护我
理由三: 我爱吃的东西都给我,东西都叫贵的, 只要好吃都无所谓 (真的喜欢这点, 我比较贪吃)
理由四: 保护我,不让别人欺负我。 我哭时, 会着急, 会说 “好啦, 没事”!
理由五: 因为你是Mr。好人,我说什么, 你都说“好”的人。
理由七:因为你很贱, 跟你讨冷衣, 还一定要我跟你说谢谢!
理由九: 因为你比其他人更在乎我。

Friday, July 26, 2013

In another life

If everyone has known me from facebook, or closed friends; should have realized that I have no longer in Malaysia, because Im currently in Australia for a year. Sometimes, i felt like it is a dream, from the beginning of this year till the moment I stepped into the foreign country with full of westerners. It was kind of amazing, learning their accent, eating the English breakfast, their culture, their way of treating international students, they have fantastic manners which is cool, and i got so amused and gladful for that.
Remember back in Malaysia, when i tried my best settling the student visa, accommodation, fees all by myself (mainly), it has happened in one clip of eye, and the feeling of me in Australia now, is another kind of unbelievable thought strikes because things happening here is so perfectly right. I'd wondered what i did for my past life to get such a good life here, and friends and family in Malaysia, and Australia apparently; treating me as good, though I've needed some time to cope with everyone's personality over here.
For the readers out there (if any), just to confirm with you guys, I am doing great here though the weather here is freezing cold.